Isabel is a multi-disciplinary
designer based in Porto,
specializing in web, product design
& systems thinking. Prev Significa, 2017-2021
currently Decipad. 2021
01 → Selected clients
mishmash, Zoko, The Fertility Partnership, Airtime, Cimple, Hypelabs, Segment, Steelseries, Retool, and several others
02 → Type of work
Mostly concerned with interaction design for both native and web experiences.
In short, I enjoy crafting digital products, software and brands with a focus on simplicity, usability and durability.  Imagining how a complex problem or narrative solution can take form is one of my biggest joys. Always paired with a goal of creating memorable and delightful™ experiences.

I currently spend my days as a Product Designer at Decipad. We're designing software that creates powerful and accessible abstractions to work with numbers. Feel free to say hi on Discord.

I occasionally do some freelance work, contracting with agencies like Ettrics, helping build marketing sites for Segment, Steelseries and many others.  I also judge at Awwwards and help out with Nevoazul a portuguese editorial publication. Before that, I worked at Significa as Product Designer & Developer. There I designed and developed several MVP's, marketing websites and stretched all of my generalist muscles. From creating beautiful onboarding to battling Typescript generics.

If you’d like to chat or get access to a portfolio, feel free to send me an email.