Isabel is a multi-disciplinary
designer based in Porto,
specializing in web, product design
& systems thinking. Prev Significa, 2017-2021
currently Deci. 2021
01 → Selected clients
mishmash, The Fertility Partnership, Airtime, Cimple, Hypelabs, Segment, Retool, Patch, Clearmotion, Steelseries and others
02 → Type of work
Focused on Interaction Design
for both product and web.
In short, I help people build digital products and develop brands with a focus on simplicity, usability and scalability. Imagining how a problem or narrative can visually take form through powerful and accessible abstractions, while creating a memorable and delightful experience is one of my biggest joys.

I’m currently thinking about novel interfacing with numbers at Deci. Previously, I worked at Significa as Product Designer and Frontend Developer. I sometimes freelance with Ettrics building marketing sites such as Segment, Steelseries and others. I also judge at Awwwards and help out with Nevoazul a portuguese editorial publication.